How Much Does It Cost to Install a Wood Burning Stove?

The cost of installing a log burner depends on a number of factors. When you’re budgeting for a new wood burning stove, it’s important to take everything into account. This includes the cost of the stove itself, having it fitted, HETAS registration, and of course the fuel you’ll be using. In this handy guide, we’re going to talk you through the average cost of stoves, labour, and anything else you’ll need to consider.

Wood Burning Stove Installation Costs

Wood Burning Stove

First things first, you need to choose a log burner for your home. The cost of a brand new stove can vary from around £500 all the way up to £5000. According to Which?, 29% of Brits polled spent between £1000 and £1,999; while a further 13% spent between £2000 and £2,999. The cost of your stove depends on a few things, including its design, fuel efficiency, size, and materials. But don’t be put off by the initial cost, according to the 1,434 Which? members surveyed, over half believed that using their log burner had helped to cut their energy bills.

Average Stove Cost: £1500


The cost of installing your wood burner will vary, depending on your home, the type of stove you’ve chosen, and who you’ve hired to do the job. Our cost assumes that you’ll be paying for two workmen, along with flue pipes, liners, a register plate, chimney cowl, carbon monoxide detection, and of course, HETAS registration. If the above is correct, you can expect to pay between £750 and £1000 to install a wood burner, depending on your area.

However, there are several additional factors that can significantly increase the cost of installing a log burning stove. These include the presence or absence of an existing chimney, whether a brand new flue system is required, and whether installing your new wood burner will require any structural work to be carried out. For example, if you’re buying a large built-in log burner, this will require far more effort than a freestanding wood burning stove.

Installing a Wood Burning Stove in An Existing Fireplace

If you’ve already got a chimney and fireplace, there are a few checks you’ll need to carry out before you can install your log burner. First, your chimney space will have to be inspected for damp, fully swept, and flue lined. This will ensure complete and safe circulation of air when your wood burner is ablaze. Whilst this is often the cheaper scenario, alterations may need to be made to your chimney breast to provide enough room around your stove.

Average Cost with Existing Fireplace: £1500

Wood Burning Stove Installation Cost with No Chimney

If your home does not currently have a chimney, you’ll need to install what’s known as a twin-walled flue system. Also known as a double wall (DW) or high temperature (HT) flue, this will allow any gases to escape during operation. In a nutshell, a twin walled flue system involves a metal tube which is connected to your wood burner and goes out of a wall or the roof. The tube will usually be 6 inches in diameter, and feature a twist-lock system and stainless steel lining. Whilst this is expensive, it’s vital to your comfort, health, and safety to have the job done right.

Average Cost of a Log Burner with No Chimney: £2000

Flue Liners

After the stove itself, the flue liner you choose will be the biggest material cost in your project. The right flue liner is an essential part of any fireplace, acting as a barrier between your chimney and the heat and corrosion that combustion could otherwise lead to. There are two main types of flue liner, grade 316 and grade 904. Grade 316 flue liners are traditionally used for small-medium domestic fireplaces, whereas grade 904 flue liners are tougher. These are generally reserved for multifuel stoves, and other less common forms of fireplace.

Average Cost of a Flue Liner: £300 - £550

Hearths and Fireplace Surrounds

You wouldn’t buy a picture without a frame, and the right hearth is the perfect thing to complement a wood burning stove. We supply an excellent selection of tasteful limestone fireplace surrounds, all sourced and crafted here in the UK. These come in a range of styles, from traditional to modern, subtle to pronounced. If you’ve got an existing hearth or fireplace surround, you may find that this needs to be repaired or retouched as a final step when installing your log burner.

Cost: £200 - £2000

Additional Labour Costs

One of the most difficult costs to predict is additional work that may be necessary for your project. Unfortunately, you may not be able to account for this until you get a quote, or even when the work is being carried out! Below you’ll find a handy table from, detailing the average cost of common ancillary labour.

Description of Work


Flue liner

£300 - £550

Remove existing fireplace and open up fireplace to builders opening


Make opening wider if necessary


Supply and fit lintel at new height


Supply and lay limestone herth

£150 - £300

Render inside opening and plaster face


Supply and fit Oak Beam/Shelf (48" x 6" x 3")


Rubbish Removal



In Closing

We hope this blog has been informative, and you can now make a much more informed decision on the cost of installing a log burner. Take a look at our fantastic range of wood burning stoves today.