Bellfires is ease, ambience and comfort. Already for years the absolute market leader in gas fireplaces. The gas fireplaces are completely developed in-house and are tailor-made from A to Z to the wishes of our customers. Moreover, our focus is on design and safety. Safety is safeguarded comprehensively in the development process. The many finishing options result in the distinctive Bellfires design: stylish and in line with your lifestyle to the finest details. Our gas fireplaces create the ambience of an open fireplace, but with the ease of a gas fireplace: the fireplace is very easy to operate using a remote control. Moreover, the fire image of our gas fireplaces is so stunning that it’ is hardly distinguishable from a real wood fire. That is not only our opinion, but feedback that we get from consumers who already installed our fireplaces. They boast about the fire image because of the colour and the serenity in the play of flames. And we are proud of this.