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Discretely Built In To The Heart Of Your Home

The Stûv 30-Compact In is restrained in-setting with subtle curves: installed to your requirements, frame and warmth are as one with you interior. 

The Stûv 30 Family features an impressive three door system for three different modes of use. Changing modes only take a matter of seconds. All you have todo is turn your Stûv 30's drum until the door you want is in front of the stove opening. 

The glass door gives a magnificent view of the flames, guaranteeing safety, eco-friendliness and savings, thanks to its excellent output. 

The solid door slows down the fire and optimises performance. It has insulation to cut off radiated heat. The glass is protected and does not get dirty. The solid door hides the inside of the stove when it is not in use. Ideal for using over night.

Open fire mode means that you can make the most of the crackling flames, the smell of the wood...and even a barbecue! Use this position to add more wood or to enjoy the radiated heat.

This inset stove enables you to direct hot air as you require, with or without a fan. 
The  Stûv 30-IN insert can be fitted with a telescopic riser up to the ceiling, which guides the hot air and enables hot air grilles to be avoided. The Stûv 30-COMPACT IN R can be installed in an alcove, without the need for ventilation grilles. 
Or if you would prefer a more discrete look, then chose the The Stûv 30-COMPACT IN B for a more modest look. 
There is also a wide range of panel options available to you, in many colours and finishes. If this is something you would like to know more about, please contact our showroom. 


  • Colour: Stuv Grey
  • Door Glazing: Glass
  • Fire View: Single face
  • Dimensions Of Appliance: H 2000mm (or 2800mm R model), W 503mm, D 514mm
  • Flue Outlet: 150mm
  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+
  • Nominal Heat Output: 6 kW
  • Optimum Output Range: 3-9kW
  • Model: Curved
  • Weight: 125kg 
  • Defra Approved

Price is based on the basic appliance alone. 

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